15 Australian Businesses With Remote Staff That Filipino Freelancers Should Check Out

The advent of remote work has undoubtedly redefined the employment landscape in large scales. With more employees and talents now choosing to work not just from home but from anywhere they choose to, many companies are encouraged to embrace the setup. Doing so allows them to expand their hiring pool and generate huge savings.

And who doesn't want to work remotely? And it's slowly becoming a standard. The Remote working revolution has arrived!



Australian clients continue to gain popularity among Filipino freelancers. Aussie clients are known for being straightforward yet considerate and generous. Working with an AU client also means you won’t have to work night shifts!

If you’re looking for a new Australian company to work for, we suggest checking out these 15 Aussie businesses that have embraced the remote work revolution. Who knows, you might find yourself working for one of them soon!



As a payment solutions provider catering specifically to Australian companies with Filipino remote workers, PayStaff employs a remote staff based in the Philippines, too! Headquartered in Sydney, PayStaff was founded by Filipina-Australian Rica Jankulovski.

Rica J. has always believed in the talent and capacity of Filipino remote workers, which is one of the reasons why she established PayStaff—to help Aussie clients have a hassle-free experience in paying their Filipino staff while the latter enjoys on-time and accurate pay.


Remote Staff

Sometimes, you can't really find all the Australian companies hiring remote workers. Luckily, Remote Staff is there just for you.

Remote staff is partnered with multiple businesses not only in Australia but also in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The jobs you get are usually on a part-time or full-time basis. Pretty much like a normal job except you can work anywhere you want.



Time Doctor

This company is known for its innovative time tracking software that is largely used by companies with remote workers. So, what can we expect? Time Doctor has a team of more than 70 staff that works remotely 100% from around 30 different countries across the globe!



Based in Melbourne, Australia, X-Team is a 100% remote company that employs developers and programmers from all over the world. And it’s not just a company but a community of highly talented tech professionals.


Red Guava

Another tech company that embraced the remote work culture, Red Guava is based out of Melbourne as well. They are the team behind Cliniko, a management system used by many healthcare practices across the globe.



Also headquartered in Melbourne, Envato is a tech company with multiple sites all over the world. One of the perks of working with this company is they allow employees to work anywhere they want!


WP Curve

This company caters to WordPress website owners that are having issues with their sites. Because their clients are spread across the globe, WP Curve also needs to employ people from all around the world to keep operations 24/7.



SuiteBox’s tools are centered around allowing teams to work and collaborate efficiently despite the distance. To walk the talk, SuiteBox also hires remote workers!


Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor has been known to be one of Australia’s best places to work for. They specialize in email marketing. Their remote employees enjoy additional perks including extra allowances and flexible holidays.



Founded in 1966, Appen is headquartered in Sydney. It is one of the Australian companies with Filipino remote workers, hiring freelance “agents” for various projects.



Canva is one of the fastest growing startups based in Australia. They employ remote workers from different countries including the Philippines.



Known for its blogging tools for WordPress, Melbourne-based INCSUB has a team scattered all over the world.



Quiip provides online community management services for international businesses. Because of the nature of their service, they need to have active teams 24/7, making remote hiring a viable employment solution.



Although the company is based in San Francisco, CloudPeeps is founded by an Australian. CloudPeeps is a marketplace that connects freelance professionals with businesses. As you would bet, they hire remote workers, too.


Fifty Acres

Fifty Acres is the first ever virtual government communications agency in Australia. The agency’s principal, Jo Scard, got the idea of allowing employees to work remotely because the 9-to-5 schedule excluded working mothers.



Remote work offers a lot of benefits not just to freelancers but employers as well. And working with an Australian company even comes with extra perks! Are you a Filipino freelancer who wants to work with an Aussie client or is currently working with one? We’d love to hear about your experience!


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Imee Balo

July 6, 2019

I am a newbie on this matter but i am very interested to learn.is there a training available or something i can read that can teach me the details especially how to start.


Miko Eclipse

July 8, 2019

Hi Imee! There are actually numerous training on the internet depending on your chosen skill. You can try joining the FFAC group. They usually do weekly or bi-monthly free online training for their community. https://www.facebook.com/groups/filipinofreelancerwithaustralianclient/ You can also try looking into Working Remote Philippines 2019. https://workingremote.ph/ Basically, it's the largest remote working summit in the Philippines aiming to equip you with the skills to start. Hope it helps!


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