10 Tips to Make a Stunning and Effective LinkedIn Profile

10 Tips to Make a Stunning and Effective LinkedIn Profile

Gone are the days when LinkedIn is just your online CV. It is now the Facebook for business. Now, you can build your network and actually garner online presence in this professional social media site.

If you don't know what this wonderful website is, check out this video:

When looking for a job or business contact, LinkedIn provides a network of high caliber people and decision makers at your direct disposal. A feat so hard. Even bordering impossible for the normal person when we look years back. With this, it is a great advantage if you increase you Linkedin Followers for your brand. It allows you to do business networking without leaving your home.

But many don't even know how to even start. So let's begin with the basic of the basics. Let us draft together your stunning and effective LinkedIn Profile!

Check out this video first for a step-by-step tutorial for LinkedIn Beginners:


Customize Your Profile with your Niche Market in Mind

In marketing, the first thing you ask is who am I selling for? Who is my target audience? You might have done so many things in the past. But you should only highlight those that relate to your chosen market.

I mean. I know you are a great cook. But you don't need that information for your mechanical engineering career. Get my point?


Upload a Great Photo

Image Credit: Glassdoor.com

Upload a Great Photo

In social media, we don't actually see the person, well, in person. How can you asses worthiness to trust if they don't even have a professional photo? Or worse, how do you begin to believe in someone without a profile photo?

Yes! The common occurrence of Mr. or Ms. grey silhouette is plagued in the LinkedIn world. So go ahead and muster your professional self. And snap on those photos.

If you're not sure how to look professional, just scour how the LinkedIn profiles of those in your target industry look like. You can get inspiration on how to peg your photo.

Lastly, LinkedIn's ideal image size is at 400 x 400 pixels with a maximum size of 10MB. Keep this in check.

Add a Header Photo

Some people searching will just judge the first top of your page and leave. You want to utilize as much virtual real estate as possible. Better use visuals to capture their attention at first click

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to add a header photo to accompany your personal brand. Use it as an opportunity to show your brand or your personality. The point is, it can be a tool to give out a good first impression. Better use it well.


Add a Custom URL

Image Credit: TopResume.com

Add a Custom URL

At first sign up, LinkedIn assigns a combination of cryptic numbers and letters for your profile URL. It may be a small thing, but it can be easier to remember and pleasing to share when you send it out to clients.

Or better yet, if ever your client wants to refer you, they just have to type your custom URL and you are connected.

Write an Impressive Headline

This is the place below your name that summarizes who you are and what you can do. It's not necessarily your job. It's like a hook for your prospective contacts to know your more.

Check out these examples for some inspiration.


Humanize Your Summary

Image Credit: Yesware.com

Humanize Your Summary

Most people don't have the time to go over all the information you put. In this case, the summary might be your last chance to be considered.

But the problem with people is they write their summary like how they write a bland resume. Just a couple of sentences enumerating your work history. This is not bad. But it may not be good either. It's best to humanize your content.

Write as if you're speaking to the person reading. Use a first person dialogical approach. Be as genuine as possible when you show your career's summary.

Show your personality. You can even give out some of the challenges you overcame. The vulnerability in it makes it more human.

Roughly it should be around 5-6 paragraphs long. It's best that you highlight your 5 best achievements in your career. Also, make it easy to read by using bullet points if applicable.

Check out these profile summaries for more inspiration.

Put a Current Job, Even When You Are Unemployed

There are moments in our life when we are just idle. It's either we just finished college or just came from a really toxic workplace.  Do we change our profession to unemployed? Do we keep it blank for honesty?

Well, you can still be honest but don't ever keep it blank. Usually, clients search the candidates through a "current job" entry. If you don't put anything, you will render yourself unsearchable.

Better put a dummy job title that targets your wanted industry like "Content Writing in Transition" or "Graphic Designer in Training". With this, you can infer that the person is available as of the moment. And you can still be found in the millions of talents pooled in LinkedIn.


Avoid Buzzwords

Avoid Buzzwords

Are you a passionate and focused individual with leadership and creative strategic track record? Based on LinkedIn's top buzzwords of 2017, you just stated most of them in one go.

It doesn't sound bad. But when you see it in almost all profiles, the impact lessens. It even renders it meaningless. As much as possible, you should avoid this overused terms in your write up.

Be more inventive and use other terms for your paragraphs.

Links Outside the LinkedIn

It may not be enough to market yourself solely in LinkedIn. Sometimes your potential client needs more information. With that, don't forget to post the link for your blog, portfolio, or other social media channels.

LinkedIn can just entice them to step their foot on your door; directing them to a "house tour" (your brand) afterward.


Get Recommendations and Endorsements

Image Credit: TipsForLawyers.com

Get Recommendations and Endorsements

You can shout your self-praises all day long. But nothing beats third-party validation of your skills. Let your network speak for you by getting recommendations and endorsements.

"Endorsements" are people vouching for your skill and "Recommendations" are testimonials from other people about the work you did.

Better ask your network for this. If you just finished working with a client, simply ask them to post a recommendation. If you really did a good job, this may be easier done immediately right after the project.

As for endorsements, try to endorse other people's skills yourself. Sometimes, doing this will morally oblige other people to do the same to you. But don’t do this expecting something in return. So spread the unconditional love!

Check this helpful link for the dos and don’ts of obtaining recommendations and endorsements. Getting this is more than just an ego boost. Highlighting such statistics on your page will help build credibility for your current and future viewers.

It's Time to Build Your Network

Now that you made a stunning profile, it's time to get out there and connect with people. Grow your professional network and influence!


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