10 Qualities Highly Successful Freelancers Must-have


There are many successful entrepreneurs who are freelancers offering services in writing, designing, editing, data mining, and many others. Although success can mean differently to different people, the qualities of reaching success are mostly consistent.

As you can see, entrepreneurs who’ve reached success have, at one time or another, possessed talents and abilities. Check this video for some of those qualities:


With that, here are 10 must-have qualities of highly successful freelancers.



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Provide Credible and Inspirational Leadership

Narratives show that one of the qualities – if not the top quality entrepreneurs possess –– is being able to effectively lead people.  It doesn’t matter if you’re guiding a workforce of five, ten, or more, an inspirational leader can make staff accomplish their assigned tasks and contribute to company goals.

Inspiring people to work towards a common objective is not at all a straightforward capability. Your team naturally needs leadership that should provide direction and vision. And with effective leadership, you can be sure to do just that.


Very Focused and Disciplined

Freelancers must know that successful entrepreneurs know their business and they will always work towards their goals. That’s also called taking risks, but the kind of risks that involves deliberate thinking and consideration.

Being focused brings accomplishments. The success of an enterprise involves the practice of following certain disciplines and processes. The establishment of an organizational culture comes from having carrot and stick. There are rules to follow and celebrating when deserved.

The clear sense of direction of a very focused entrepreneur guides everyone in the company.



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Decisiveness and Persistence

Managing an enterprise involves a lot of making decisions, which is the nature of leadership. If a freelancer has the ability to look into situations and handle them with determination, problems will be solved no matter how big and that leads to triumph.

Freelancers who want to reach that success should know that entrepreneurs usually have strong characters and take action, knowing that time is very important. They don’t procrastinate. In fact, that is a trait they don’t want to entertain in their daily routines. They’re not just grabbing every opportunity – they will look for it because of decisiveness and persistence.

Bloomberg once said that  “Luck plays a part in success, but the harder you work, the luckier you get… Hard work creates opportunities where your resume cannot.” They are persistent because they are passionate and truly believe in their dreams. Sometimes even if they feel that only a few believe, they still move forward.


Innovate and Know Exactly When to Change

Finding a solution to a problem is usually how businesses are conceived. It may not always be a new idea – sometimes it is improving something better. It’s the same way in freelancing. 

Many freelancers possess such talent of creativity, always imagining how things can be or should be. This attitude for innovation and creativity is known to be a front seat ticket to success.



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Delegate and Develop More Leaders

Josh Abramson believes that to grow is to see just when he said, “As soon as you have an opportunity to delegate something to someone else so that you can focus on the next thing.”

That’s what a freelancer who wants to be a successful entrepreneur has to have, from being a determined entrepreneur to not being scared of teaching people. It is a natural process of things that when you start teaching someone some skills, they will eventually learn the tools of the trade. But a successful entrepreneur is looking at it from a different lens.

The entrepreneur’s sense of triumph is in the arena of creating and developing. This way, they will always have something new to offer. A freelancer must not be scared to start to branch out and begin the journey.


Optimistic – at the Same Time – Skeptical

Being persistent and creative comes with optimism. To be successful, entrepreneurs can only go on further with loads of optimism. they see that their dreams have someplace in the future. It fuels them to continue despite the challenges. 

However, despite this, a degree of skepticism is needed. This kind of skepticism is the kind that examines and clears the air of doubt. 


Always Learning With an Open Mind

The success of an entrepreneur is also a result of their dedication to learning and making their craft better. They are usually one book ahead in terms of how they know their business and how they want it to grow.

Their concepts and strategies are evolving – as the world is in constant need of something better. The ability to be able to adapt to changes is a good ingredient to be successful. Because in every moment of moving toward the fulfillment of goals there are things to learn and changes to make.  

Suffice it to say that a successful entrepreneur’s thirst for learning is because of them constantly challenging themselves. As a freelancer, every new project comes with new learnings, new challenges, that is already a step forward.



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Listen and Instruct

“Listening is the beginning of understanding,” I’ve heard this line played on the radio every time when I was younger and it is so true. 

David Klein, founder of CommonBond has this to say, “listening to what other people have to say, not just what they’re saying, but reading between the lines and understanding what they really mean is very important.”

A freelancer’s basic competence is that of listening. With good listening skills, a freelancer is able to understand the requirements of the clients. Successful entrepreneurs’ listening skills extend from employees to clients, partners and every person that is essential in the different phases of the business.

A successful entrepreneur always manages to pay attention. This creates a good relationship, as well as ensuring that instructions can be carried out effectively.  


Commitment and Accountability

Just as leaders have a high sense of responsibility, successful entrepreneurs consider credibility important. Their name, their brand, their symbol of quality are those things that create their name. This is their certificate of concrete track record. 

Highly successful entrepreneurs are committed to excellence and reliability. Freelancers, while having a certain degree of control of their work, can become successful entrepreneurs when they introduce this kind of commitment.



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They Give Back

It is not just training, transferring of skills, or the desire to develop new talents, it is also because successful entrepreneurs want to add value to others. Freelancers give back by giving opportunities to more and more contacts in their network.

In studying different entrepreneurs, they advocated making sure their workers – even their networks and partners – share in the benefits and achievements of the enterprise. This adding of value creates a culture of excellence where the growth of the community benefits all.



These the most common qualities highly successful freelancers possess. They should help steer you towards the right path on your way to becoming one too. Remember to put this in practice and you will surely be one step away from success in your freelancing career. And probably in life as well.


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