10 Bad Habits That Can Stunt Your Growth as a Freelancer


Working as a freelancer has a lot of perks. You can just literally roll out of bed and get to work. No traffic, no fuss, and no muss. However, there are habits formed while working as a freelancer that could undermine your capacity.

Left unchecked, these habits can pull you down instead of boosting your freelancing career. Here are 10 bad habits that may stunt your growth as a freelancer:


Negative Thinking

This is the worst habit of all. Negative thinking helps no one, least of all yourself. Always try to think positive and see everything in the light. Having a positive attitude is everything when it comes to life. The same holds true with freelancing.

I’m not saying you should wear rose-colored glasses all the time. All I’m saying is you need to see the good in everything as no one wants to work with a “Negative Nancy.” Check out this video to help uplift your morale:



We all encounter problems. It's okay to be negative for a couple of minutes at most. But it's in your response that makes a difference.



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Looking Down on Yourself

This habit leads you down that spiraling road of depression. Never look down on yourself. You need to understand that you bring value to your client. 

Yes, you can have moments of doubt. But with careful scrutiny of every project, remember that you accepted because you know in yourself that you can deliver utmost quality.

If you're not getting projects at all, know that this is the time to hone your skills and learn other tools of the trade. All masters were once disasters. You are in training! Find the spare time now to hone your skills because, given enough time, you can also get that client you want.



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Not Knowing Your Own Worth

Know your own worth. If you’re selling your time, put value in your time. 

Not knowing your own worth is the worst mistake you can make as a freelancer. You need to set the bar high, especially if you can back it up with the services you can offer.



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Underestimating Your Skills

As a Freelancer, you need to determine your skills set or else you’ll have a hard time finding the right client. You need to know your core gifts and use those talents to find the perfect job for you. When you underestimate your skills, you’ll end up unhappy and confused.  And might even work for a client who doesn’t appreciate all that you have to give.



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Accepting Low Rates

This usually comes side by side with not knowing your own worth and looking down on yourself. Because you don’t see and appreciate your own talent, you’re bound to fall victim to awful clients who demand much but pay very little.

Choose a rate that is fair to you and your client. Check the market for the proper price tag for your services. And upgrade your rates depending on your progress. You bring value but the price is dictated still by the market.

You’ll thank yourself in the long run.



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Avoiding Negotiations

As a freelancer, negotiations are part of your repertoire. You need to be able to negotiate properly so that you and your client will come to an agreement that’s fair for both sides. You need to know how to make a stand.



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Failure to Develop Your Skills

There are so many ways to develop your skills out there both online and offline. All you have to do is search and enroll to learn more about that skill you’re hoping to hone. You can start with this top 10 Most In-Demand Skills according to LinkedIn.

Find the time. Failure to do so can cause you to become stagnant. And in this fast-paced freelancing world, that could mean the end of your career.



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Missing Out on Networking Opportunities

Networking events are some of the best venues where you will find opportunities to reach out to fellow freelancers and potential clients and customers. You'll never know. You might actually get the contacts to jumpstart your freelancing career.

If you don't want to go out of your homes, you can check these 6 ways to do business networking without leaving your home (almost).



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Overworking That Leads to Burnout

Work can be therapeutic for some. However, working too hard could lead you down a nasty path of burnout and depression. You need to find a work-life balance that allows you to work hard and still find time to exercise, go out, and, have some fun after work. You can’t let your work take over your life.



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Taking Feedback and Criticism Too Personally

You can’t take negative criticism and feedback personally or else you’ll go crazy with worries and doubts. As a freelancer, nay as a human being, fear is your number one enemy. Internalizing those criticisms leads nowhere but down a bad, bad road where you won’t grow.

Bloom where you’re planted. Let those feedback slide off and learn from your experiences as the lessons and mistakes you take from them could lead you to the next big client.

There you have it – 10 bad habits that can stunt your growth as a freelancer. Take heed of these tidbits of advice and you’ll witness exponential growth in your freelancing career and personal life.



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