10 Awesome Reasons Why I Love Working From Home

Why I Love Working From Home

Working from home has been such a wonderful experience for me. That’s why I recommend it to everyone. I’ve been working online for a decade now. I started working since 2009 and I’ve never looked back since then.

Why, you ask? Here are 10 awesome reasons why I love working from home.


work anywhere - Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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I can work wherever, whenever.

I can work in a coffee shop in Bali if I want. That’s how location independent my work schedule is. That's why many remote workers practice the digital nomad lifestyle. You only need your laptop and a reliable internet connection, and you're good to go!  Check out this video for a glimpse of the life of a digital nomad:



I deal with less stress Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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I deal with lesser stress.

There’s no boss breathing down my neck every day. There’s not much pressure because I set my own requirements for each project/job. I plot the project schedule guided by my clients’ requirements.

I mean. We all have deadlines but with the flexibility in hours and you being your own boss, you can manage your own stress with at your pace.


No need to beat traffic.

I don’t have to wake up early and commute because my workstation is right next to my bed. I can get up and get to work as soon as I want to. My day usually begins with my alarm going off, a short prayer followed by a quick shower then breakfast. After that, I’m ready to start working. 

And with Manila's 3-4 hour traffic back and forth,



You will be thankful for this simple setup.


I manage my own hours.

Flexi-time means I choose when I want to work. I can set my own schedule, even on weird hours I'm most productive on.

I can manage all my tasks based on the number of hours that I have available.


freedom of choice Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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I have freedom of choice.

I can pick my own clients so I don’t have to deal with difficult clients. I can “fire” my clients if I don’t enjoy working for them. I don't need the negativity of clients from hell from consuming me.

In the same way, I can choose the best clients who I like working with.


I save money for food Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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I save money.

I can cook my own meals and don’t have to rely on fast-food joints. I don't have to waste money on that expensive coffee. No more daily eating out after work. Transportation costs are down also.

It’s both healthier and cheaper for your well-being.


It’s comfortable Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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It’s comfortable.

I can work in my PJs if I want to. I can wear whatever I want and everything I need is right within my reach – my ref, my bathroom and my kitchen are just a few steps away from my workstation so I can take a break anytime I want to.


It’s perfect for introverts like me Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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It’s perfect for introverts like me.

I don’t have to make small talk with anyone or deal with lots of people every day. I can go out with my friends whenever I want so I choose my company wisely. If you're an introvert like me, it's the perfect setup.

For those extroverts, you can always schedule meetings with your family or friends. At least, you only go out with the people that matter the most.

I save time Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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I save time.

Because all of my work can be done at home, I don’t have to waste time preparing to go out and commute. I can simply get up, take a bath, have my breakfast and start working right away.


I’m my own boss Paystaff Send Money to Philippines

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I’m my own boss.

I set my own rules and make my own choices. I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. Whatever projects I work on, I discuss the requirements with the clients and then proceed to complete the project with little or no supervision. For those self-starters, it's the perfect setup.


Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of my work life, I hope this will encourage you to make that all-important step to become freelancers, search for clients online and work from home. Feel free to leave a comment or two if you’re keen on learning more about working from home.


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